The Marhue Design Difference

Producers and Project Managers

You’ll get great service from Marhue Design. That’s because the people you meet at the first meeting are the ones who will be responsible to you and your project. That’s accountability.

Once your needs have been talked about, understood and analyzed, the project manager assembles a team of specialists with your needs in mind — design and/or application development, whatever you require. Your contact person takes your project to heart, owns it with you. And because all our producers have been building websites since before Google was even invented, they know which decisions have to be made and when to avoid costly mistakes and time delays.


Marhue Design doesn’t have a huge staff, however it has a large family of qualified and dedicated associate professionals who have been working with each other since Netscape 1.0 was a big deal. That means your money pays for your projects, not for Marhue Design overhead. The code will be first class and your design will be among the industry’s best, because these professionals sign on for and believe in, the work. It’s not just a project to punch into the timecard. You’re paying only for the time they spend on your project. No overhead, no commission fees. Just the work.


We’re not kidding about being in this industry before it was an industry.

Our employees and associates have backgrounds in traditional media and marketing, in the first interactive children’s CD-ROMs and digital databases. Through boom and bust, we’re still doing what we love to do — and what we know as well as anyone in the business of interactive media. Brochures, e-commerce, sports and media portals, top brand marketing sites, one or all of us has done it all.

Design, Build, Host & Support.

All of your web requirements, with no bull. We are there at every step, working with you to realize your individual needs.

Ready to talk?

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